Tuesday, February 13, 2007


It's 9.oo.

500 words done in half an hour. Positive start to the day.

Positive dreams too, funny attitude dreams. I was in a sun-dappled restaurant laughing with friends and not so damned WORRIED about everything. That'd be nice. There was a fetid, bubbling melon involved, but in a van outside the restaurant. I am trying. I am doing my Zen mind clearing and working and exercising and eating and trying to keep positive. Submission time is hellish, there's no two ways about it. Kind Meg left a message saying but hey, she said it was good! She liked it! Maybe she did, I can't help feeling she may well not have read it all, that she chucked it in after a few chapters. The story is very pacey, too pacey though? There are some more tweeks I want to make, am trying to keep myself away from it for at least a week though to give me more distance when I go back.

Have switched from e-mail querying back to letter querying. The problem with e-mails is that so many companies have a no e-mail policy you can never really know if the e-mail reached the agent before it was deleted by a junior employed to do just that. So I letter-queried to the agents who didn't reply and a couple more, making 5 new submissions in all. I also did some work on the journalism; contacted the script typing agency to tell them I'm free again - more work later in the week - and did a pile more research on new novel.

It is now 9.15. Am now going to have breakfast, read the paper and go running in the opposite direction to Simba and the wild woods. To the neatly trimmed park with ducks and little white bridges and onwards to the shopping end of things.

Bye bye, thanks for visiting, come again soon.

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Clare said...


I knew I knew the name Amanda Mann, but I couldn't remember where from. Did you know your profile is currently marked private, which means that when you comment on other people's blogs, they can't navigate back to your blog?

You can set your profile to display no email address - nothing but your blog address, so you don't compromise your privacy by making it public - you just allow people to find your blog...

Ahem. Sorry, that was all a bit officious. What I really wanted to say was that I know how you feel. And well done for chasing them up and keeping at them. And GOOD LUCK!

Everybody says that the best way to cope with this phase is to work on something new, so well done for that too.

Oh God, and I know all the thoughts you have about all the perceived flaws in your own work, too. You keep thinking, "Oh no, I shouldn't have sent it out, it wasn't ready, I should have done just one more edit..."

I have a friend who is an illustrator and who says that no artist (in the broadest sense) ever thinks their work is finished. They always want to do more.