Wednesday, February 14, 2007


A little late on the wordcount this morning as presently exchanges were made. I was given a very wrapped up box which contained something wrapped, which wrapped a silvery thingy, which was in the shape of a heart which opened up to reveal - wax. Very, very smelly wax though of perfumed delights, I have it alight now, next to my screen and my nose to cheer the manuscript and send voodoo notes to my In Box.

After a very bleak day of no e-mails yesterday, not even from my Viagra spam friends whose made-up names - Alayna, Rosie Morales, Lorie Payne - fascinate me, because I am easily fascinated and the more trivial and nonsense the better to delve. One day I will take one and use it for a character who will be blank and meaningless and speak rubbish words, and keep on interrupting important business, but will be very up for it. So, this morning was delighted to see 7 messages to start the day. Some friendly friends, including Clare who is inviting more people to the bloggers with book deals party if anybody's interested. And even an agent. But no it was a really very sweet response from Favourite Agent, who, although I said I wouldn't darken her in box again, I tried just one more small time with the final title, which she hadn't seen. She's sticking with her instinct to say no on this one for the moment, but said what she liked about the book, and what she didn't like (sex, change of location) and sent lots of luck and good wishes and to call on her any time for advice. As for the 5 query letters posted 2 days ago, nothing, not one. So some of them had read their own e-mail in boxes and weren't taking. I am now back to tweeking, haven't been able to stay away any longer, and when it's fine combed once more will do some more query letters. One friendly friend reminded me this morning of the advice she used to get, before she found her own:

You just need ONE champion who likes your work and has some influence.

Bye bye, thanks for visiting, come again soon.


pundy said...

Good luck with your submissions - I wish I had your energy.

Anne Brooke said...

Keep trucking, Amanda - but don't forget to start writing the next one too. These things take an age.

Huge hugs


Amanda Mann said...

Thank you. But energy? Unemployment touched with insanity morelike. I am trucking with novel 4, Anne,I got my new little fillerupper going at the side. 500 words a day before breakfast and run. Except I forget to run if I don't do it first thing. Except if I don't do the 500 words first thing it all seeps into the whole morning somehow. Actually it's novel 5 argh that does seem like total idiocy, why don't I simply go off and do something else??????