Sunday, February 18, 2007


Wordcount: 5745

Right, that's enough feeling sorry for self. Time to leave the business of writing well alone. Novel 4 took a year and a half to write, I can't expect it to sell in a couple of weeks if at all. Most new books don't sell, that's the bottom line, so it's back to writing for the sheer pleasure of it and if it happens it happens. Must do some more serious plotting on novel 5, before it carries me away to somewhere else, and continue the tweeking of novel 4. Over the weekend I decided it really needs a new chapter near the beginning to slow it down a bit and provide some extreme contrast. Fortunately it's mainly there in one I deleted a long time ago (on old computer not connected to net). Novel 5 is existing very much on the edge of my days rather than being so central to everything I've been trying to achieve these past few years. It's a different genre for a start, so if I did sell novel 4, I'd then go back to (half-written) novel 3 as a follow-up or start something fresh. I also need to start begging for work (still no sign, yeowch) and get myself more of a life as far away as possible from anything to do with writing before I go nuts.

Kicked off on Friday with The Last King of Scotland which was as good as everyone is saying, I was genuinely frightened, quivering in my seat at the end. Very few films have hit the spot so hard, yet it's entertaining too. Yesterday, to celebrate friend D's birthday we went to Trafalgar Square to welcome in The Year of The Pig. Crowds aren't our thing, so most of our time was spent in a Chinatown restaurant, sucking in the atmosphere of dragons and firecrackers.

Seeing the statue of Lapper reminded me of Laban Tall's classic blogservation:

"Once upon a time, if you wanted to see a naked lady with no arms you'd have to go to the Louvre. If you wanted to see a naked, pregnant lady with no arms you'd have to go to places like this (possibly not work-friendly).

Now we can all rejoice that you can see one in Trafalgar Square.

Ms Lapper, who was born with shortened legs and no arms because of a congenital disorder, has travelled to London for the ceremony. "I’m very excited about it. This is history in the making," she said.

"Never before has someone with a disability - let alone someone with a disability who is naked and eight months pregnant - been put in such a public place and portrayed in such a positive way."

Tragically Ms Lapper appears to be not only disabled, but blind. Or ignorant. Or both.

It's easy to miss, I know. But Trafalgar Square is dominated by a 180-foot column.

With an 18-foot statue on the top.

Of a man missing an eye and half an arm. "

After reading about her on the front page of the Sunday Times yesterday, have already bookmarked the Wife in the North, who has just got a book deal which all started with a link!

Assuming my car passes its MOT (waiting for the call now, don't you hate that time of year?) I'm out on a girly night tonight. Another on Friday to celebrate P's Big One. She and her sister are taking themselves off to Venice on the Orient Express but they're raising a few glasses before they go. I can't possibly begin to imagine how excited she's feeling, the trip to Waterloo yesterday had me peering out of the window like a kid let out of school.

Bye bye, thanks for visiting, come again soon.

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