Wednesday, February 21, 2007


No. of new words novel 5: +7


It is half-term however, and had to stand back this morning whilst partner fiddled with Photoshop - finally getting to grips with digital, all the lovely Leicas and Nikons virtually worthless now. Meetings have been had with photo agent and first digital job the other day, using a borrowed camera. The agent was a mine of information, there's a site where anybody can load up their photos & sell them if they're good enough. (I will find out what it is and insert here later.) The pixel ratio is massive for professional shots, though. Even those smart SLRs aren't anywhere near good enough. It's an investment of several thousand, which we don't have multiplied ten million times over right now. We're also told that all the interchangeable lenses from the old cameras aren't such a good idea either, if you get any dust inside a digital camera you could screw up the works and be in for expensive repairs. So the inbuilt zooms much safer. So it goes. Life moves on. Catch up or get off as they say.

No writingbusinessese today. This afternoon daughter and friend had a bit of a Sim-fest and I scribbled plot plan diagrams for Novel 5. By an extreme wayward excursion, have stumbled across a possible ending, a new scientific discovery I can pick up and make useful. I also got a fun How To book from the library on Friday. It's called The Writer's Little Helper by James V Smith. It advocates a simple 10 point plot plan where you diagram out your ten major scenes:

1) opening
2) beginning stuff (with Point of No Return)
3) middle stuff (with major complication and 4) climax scene)
5) end scene.

You fill those 5 scenes in first.

Then, for the other 5:

you have 2 other complications that lead up to the point of no return


3 other complications that lead up to the major complication in the middle stuff.

And that's it.

This, James says, is your template that'll keep you on the straight and narrow and, he suggests, you can write out the major climax scenes if you fancy and then fill in the gaps.

Until today I hadn't filled in the end scene. I did a second diagram as the first one got messy but it looks OK I think. It is useful nailing down the major dramatics. I've also done cards for the 4 main characters, very simple outlines but now I've got them up and running I thought it was time to nail down their fatal flaws and saving graces. Speech patterns still forming as I go.

Oh dear, the co-writer of my favourite hard times ditty (sung about 8 times a day at the moment) has died, hope it's not an omen. The winner of China's Pop Idol Supergirl Li Yuchun has just started a blog. Her win was seen by 400 MILLION viewers, now, how to get a Mandarin link going here?

Bye bye, thanks for visiting, come again soon.

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