Wednesday, February 28, 2007


The freelance agency woman replied saying it's just a quiet month. But then, hooray, e-mail in from newspaper giving me double the usual monthly quota of work. Phew and double phew and rescued from the jobs board I was browsing at the time:

…..this exciting opportunity will suit candidates of a graduate calibre who are client focused natural networkers….

....of key importance is the pro-active and solutions oriented management of work time…..

....You will need to be a great team player who is not afraid of long hours and hard work!

! - ha ha.

And here is job advertisement as lottery ticket:

Tough under pressure, you will need to keep your wits about you at all times…Please only apply if you meet the above criteria. Good luck!

As well as a non-fiction submission it might be worth making, I found one possibility:

This an excellent and rare opportunity for self-starting beginners and more experienced individuals alike….

The 'more experienced individuals' bit made me look twice. Perhaps they're not only looking for 14 year olds with honours degrees who'll work for job experience zero £s? It's the TV work I used to do for most of my life but on a smaller scale, on one of those gambling channels, based nearby. They'll take you as an assistant and train you up to studio directing. As I was an assistant but did do directing and proper grown-up studio directing courses and all, and loved it actually, there's a remote possibility I might even get as far as being sent an application form. Only 80 people have applied so far after all.

Bye bye, thanks for visiting come again soon.


Julia Buckley said...

I'm probably going to need to start looking for work soon too. Doesn't sound like it's much fun right now! I'm sure the right thing will come along for you soon - probably when you're at your absolute wits end, that's how it usually works out, isn't it?

Amanda Mann said...

Thanks, Julia, I hope so. Feels like I've come to the end of something anyhow, definitely time to move onwards and upwards in some direction or another. Good luck with the jobhunt and the agent.