Thursday, March 01, 2007


At last the whole mums going back to work dilemma is getting a proper airing. I mean, it really doesn't add up. That's what my first novel was all about. I'm so glad it did get published even if it does remain obscure. There was no way I could have possibly gone back to TV work after daughter came along. I'm now a supreme example of someone who's landed up, 12 years later, as virtually unemployable but I wouldn't have had it any other way.

A quick check on the job website shows that now 94 people have applied for the tellygambling job. And I got a reply. An e-mail from the TV company, well, all right, their computer, saying go to their website. I did that but the job's not up there. And so the fun begins.

I've applied for another one, too. The application form was online for that so I got straight down to it, smattering in a selection of those lovely jobspeak words. I really don't expect to get very far, but an interview would be a day out, a peek into the world I left so long ago. I'd love it actually, being with people again. Getting a bit alone and miserable here after the excitement of finishing novel and now the dullment of no agents leaping at me. Am waiting on 3 at the moment, 2 have had it about 3 weeks, 1 about 1 week.

Bye bye, thanks for visiting, come again soon.


Cathy said...

That is a good article in the Guardian... it tells it as it really is. I left my professional career 15 years ago and now manage to work just a few hours a week for my husband...hence the belated attempts to write, even though I know I will probably never get published!

Debi said...

Hang on in there! We could always meet up somewhere central for coffee.

I'll even bring a flask if we can't afford central London prices ...

Amanda Mann said...

It does tell it as it really is I agree, Cathy. Thanks Debi! If I ever get free of rewrites enough not to feel guilty shlepping off, I'll give you a shout.