Monday, March 05, 2007


This is our dear little Hilary. Our third hamster and by far the cutest. She doesn't bite and will actually sit on your lap and be all furry and cuddly like a proper pet. Probably because, unlike the others, she was handled a lot from an early age. She's has a very funny way of sitting on her bottom with her legs in the air and has escaped 3 times so far.

Good start to the week. This morning filed my six journo pieces, added the daily 500 words to novel 5 before returning to rewrites on novel 4. Am on rewrites on the first 3 chapters now, plus a new chapter 4, the latest rewritten draft of it which I think have managed to lose. Have been feeling a bit weary about it all, but thankfully after today's fiddlings am feeling enthused again. A new twist has come into a latter part of the story and I think I've changed the title yet again.

We went to see Music and Lyrics over the weekend. We had gone to see Hot Fuzz but daughter was too young, so it was very much second best choice. But we enjoyed it. Am not a Hugh Grant fan, don't despise him, fairly neutral feelings, but in this he was the best I've seen him, funny and all. Yes it was formula, but what major studio films aren't these days? It went beyond that, I thought, very well written and the music was all right and - mainly - a laugh. I like looking up reviews after I've seen a film. The Guardian said this film 'lingers along like someone trying to tap dance in flippers.' Not fair at all. It's bad enough getting a bad review for a novel, getting a bad review for a feature film, which requires you to put not just all your mental energy, but all your physical energy and relating to people energy and doing very complicated things with money energy over many many years and all must make you feel, if possible, even worse.

Bye bye, thanks for visiting, come again soon.

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Fi said...

Well, the hamster is definitely photogenic!
Was recommended by JM to view blog. Entertaining reading... What would it take to make the hamster bite? Paul can answer that one...