Monday, March 12, 2007


Two choice failure stories this weekend. In The Independent, an interview with Oscar-winning director Steven Sonderbergh who says "success is like this mysterious person you meet at a party. You feel like you have this connection, you spend the night together, and you wake up the next morning and they're gone. Failure is like the house-guest that won't leave.. Success just feels like lightning struck. You could stand on the roof with a rod for the next two years and lightening wouldn't strike. You just can't conjure it."

In The Telegraph Craig Brown compares two biographies and tells why, for him, failure makes a far better read than triumph. He compares the story of Michael Foot with Terence Blacker's biography of Willie Donaldson - who, 'whenever he suspected that life was in danger of working, reached for a spanner.' When he went for an interview lunch with Tina Brown to discuss the idea of him becoming restaurant critic for The Tatler, he ordered fish fingers and milk. And still got the job. Hurray.

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