Friday, March 23, 2007


My domestic goddess-like cleaning book is out in China, with the splendid new title


So for the first time in a very, very long time I am feeling like an author again. I rarely bother to Google myself any more. My books are so ancient it always brings up the same results. But last night partner went to bed early not feeling very well and, having exhausted the blogs and porn and all (joke, I am the author of a bible now, remember) gave it a go.

There is even a lengthy analysis full of quotes for my next cover:

"It can be said that this is all a panacea decontamination English word Bible."

'First ice 2,895,683 marks, let marks sclerosis solidified after curettage, targeting special trip for their removal."

And best of all:

"You have some unexpected natural decontamination magic weapon in the surrounding life."

I have a new name: Amanda Lagumdizija, and Lola Wang from Taipei has taken time out to give me a 5 star review:

I liked the clothes on my vexing.
看了這本書我才知道,不同的污點要用不同的方法來處理,要不然在以前我都是用X蓮萬用去污棒,結果很多污點都沒效。I know that after reading this book, the use of different methods to deal with the stigma. If it is used in the past, I used X-lian million decontamination rods, a lot of stigma no effect.

As has a person called 'Small Africa and':

Lazy, I have never used them in clothes washing machines Lane on everything and the results are often unable to remove Combination. 後來使用這本書裡的方法,不管是有機還是化學的清潔法都很有效,現在只要一碰到污漬,我就會翻這本書,它已經是我們家的去污寶典了。Later, the use of this book, whether it is organic or chemical cleaning method is very effective. Now if one encounter marks, I will double this book, it is our home, there is a decontamination.

Shame I'm not on royalties.

Bye bye, thanks for visiting, come again soon.

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