Friday, March 16, 2007


Well, I didn't make it, and seeing the standard of the entries I'm not surprised. Besides, it would have totally bucked the trend of my current big no phase. Glad to see several blog friends and revered blog heroes did, though, and can't wait to read. Isn't the cover great? Buy now !

Nipped out for cocktail hour with a girlfriend last night. I was beside myself at the glamour of it all. Tables with candles in bottles, peanuts in little bowls, and a long list of half-price cocktails, wum. My friend went for the champagne whilst I madeleined straight back to my favourite country in the world as I supped slowly on my Caipirinha.

We talked about the no effect, how, after a run of them, you come to expect nothing else. If anybody said yes to me now I'd think they'd made a terrible mistake - but I'm the person everyone else is rejecting, you've made a mistake my friend, I'll try not to let you know about it, but you'll find out eventually. My friend reckons they do come in lumps, and then when the yeses start, suddenly you get 3 at once.

One pleasantness, in the post today was my ALCS statement. This is the authors' licensing body which collects photocopying rights and things like that from around the world. Anybody who has had a book published in the UK should register with them because they send you free money once a year. Not a great deal of it, enough for a few decent bottles of champers though, or - OR!!!! THAT is what I shall do with it, even though it's supposed to be blocking up the holes in the bank account, stuff it. I shall take myself to Oddbins later and invest in some Cachaca.

Bye bye, thanks for visiting, come again soon.

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Anne Brooke said...

You're right about the no's!! Roll on the yeses, eh ...

Your ALC statement must rock indeed for champers! Mine's only £49.02. And I've increased my cash since last year too! I'm looking for a couple of bottles of orangeade and a twix bar - but I'll enjoy them!