Tuesday, April 03, 2007


The trail's gone cold and am feeling defeated. The MS is still out there with 2 agents who responded positively to my query letter but, as the weeks pass, it feels increasingly like I'm not going to hear anything good.

I put 4 new query letters out the other day. I had one nice e-mail reply yesterday thanking me but saying it's not her kind of project. And this morning, a circular printout with the 'due to the high levels of submissions we are currently receiving, it is impossible to answer letters of enquiry on an individual basis' start. Having rewritten my synopsis last week as a selling document I then read this: 'the synopsis should not be a pitch or a blurb but a simplified explanation of the plot in one or two sides.' I have explained the plot in two sides, but in a pitchy ,blurby style. Oh well, not for me and plenty more fish. Very possibly none of them are for me. Have to keep crushing thoughts that getting published was a BIG mistake, a big foot in the puddle error and instead remind myself only weeks ago I was getting serious consideration from superagent, friendly cuddly feedback from favouriteagent and another wanting the whole novel e-mailed immediately.

With work work completed yesterday, I have a whole day today to work on novel 4, moving it up from hobby status slightly, but it's a big plotty job. This is first book I've written that has several obvious layers going on at the same time, so I've stopped the wordcount progress until I've sorted out the deeper level of the story. The job today is to map this out and decide in which chapter, and how, the revelations will occur.

Bye bye, thanks for visiting, come again soon.


hellojed said...

I have my fingers crossed for you. Novel 4 layers sound interesting, I really got into the plotting part of my novel. All the prep has stood me in good steed so far.

Debi said...

I agree re the word count not always being the best indicator of progress on a WIP.

Hang on in there ...