Tuesday, April 10, 2007


That Amazon spend 15 quid for free postage is a good one isn't it. Like the Waitrose spend £10 and park for free, I always go for it and end up spending at least twenty. Partner, who hasn't been at all well, really wanted a fairly obscure CD, which Amazon had for a bargain 6 quid. So I had to make up the difference, didn't I. It took seconds. Blogfriend Lucy Diamond's Any Way You Want Me, went straight in the basket, as did Charlotte Sometimes, a book I've been wanting to get for daughter for ages and ages. In my 'Books I Want' bookmark I found Richard Ashworth's Feng Shui Diaries. Then I was suckered into the 'buy together today' thingy and in went Karen Rauch Carter's Move Your Stuff, Change Your Life, How To Use Feng Shui to Get Love, Money, Respect and Happiness. I've tried Feng Shui before, after reading some book I picked up at a school fair, long ago lent out and never seen again. Lots of friends purse their lips and snigger at me, partner gets hopping mad and calls me a looney, but I definitely think there's something in it and even have my own little story. We were living in a tiny cottage where the front door opens onto the living room. Daughter was about 6 yrs old and her toys were everywhere. I'd blabbled on to a friend about this book, she came round one day and had to climb through the front door over daughter's toy drum kit. 'That'll be blocking your chi pathways,' she joked through the clashing cymbals. I took down the kit after she'd gone and went off to pick daughter up from school. Outside my house I found a tenner and a fiver, rolled up, just lying on the pavement.

So, Easter was dumping doormats, killing ants, buying bins, doorbells, deleting dust, moving mirrors, planting red plants outside the front door, finally doing something about the T junction we live on (shoved it up a few yards), rehanging curtains.. Sounds desperate, but then I guess I am. This past year we've been coping with bad health and consequently worse than ever financial stresses and something has to give! I have to say I am loving both the books, they've made me feel better and we have a very sparkly house and garden. This morning, an agent I queried a long long time ago e-mailed to say she's interested in the novel. She says she wants to see it if nobody else is considering it, so will have to wait for the verdict from the 2 who still have it. But it's been months now, how long do you wait??

Bye bye, thanks for visiting, come again soon.


hellojed said...

That's great news, congratulations! Amazon doesn't do their free postage deal to Ireland and I still end up spending lodza cash on their site.

Lucy Diamond said...

Oooh, thank you for buying my book! Hope you like it. And good luck with the Feng Shui - hope you find a couple of agents rolling outside your front door tomorrow, fighting over your new novel!

Anne Brooke said...

Hey there, you don't wait!!! What are you thinking, m'dear? You get the damn thing out to the agent and you say nothing about anyone else having it. This is the 21st century and you ain't signed no damnfool contract to say you can't do this.

Get it out to agent TODAY!!

I do.


Amanda Mann said...

Thanks, hellojed. And I love the agent image, Lucy. I know I KNOW Anne, it's crazy. I've used it as an excuse to nudge the agents today, if I don't hear anything by Friday I will post it out again. Meantime it has got me rewriting again, can you believe I found TWO major changes that were needed in CHAPTER ONE! A flashback that happens clumsily and far too soon; and a piece of action which I though foreshadowed the character's changes to come but in fact happens far, far too soon when we don't know who she is yet. Do dum.

Anne Brooke said...

Don't screw yourself to the ground, Amanda - this sort of thing happens in Chapter One ALL THE TIME!! Do not fret about it - just make the changes as best you can for now and send it out.

Hell, if at the end of the day, I actually decide even to KEEP my chapter ones, I feel I've done well. Most of my stuff starts with Chapter Two ...