Friday, April 20, 2007


Was discussing plotting with writer friend the other day. So hard to get down to. The part of your brain you have to access feels very far away from the happy forward motion of the wordcounting storytelling. But if I hadn't stopped and got it more sorted there'd have been floundering later.

To get back into it after the school holiday break, I studied the character cards again, nailing what I thought were the most important traits to remember. To help with this I changed the 4 root characters to their element names in the text, which will hopefully remind me to keep them in line. At the end I'll 'find' and 'replace' back to their proper names.

I opened a Draft 2 file, and, starting at Chapter 1, made my way through 5 chapters, placing each on the new file after it had been checked . This, I trust will STOP me going back to C1 again until I reach the end. I also made notes of what I've revealed about the (?)mystery already so that I can now go away from computer and work on how and where to gradually reveal what's going on behind the scenes in a way that will create the most tension and hopefully keep the pages turning.

And so to the weekend already. Old friends catchup tomorrow evening, gentle and pleasant. Hoping to get to Pete Townshend's Planet Tree Music Festival at some point. Lots of it happening very here in Twickers through the coming week.

Bye bye, thanks for visiting, come again soon.

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hellojed said...

Thanks for sharing your plotting method, I've found it helpful. Have a great weekend.