Monday, April 23, 2007


D'you think coming face to face with hundreds of wriggly little spiders when you're reaching for the weekend sunbed is a good or a bad omen? If this morning's start is anything to go by it has to be the latter. Though am trying to tell myself that when there's an intensified run of bad things happening that means there must be a flip side of the coin lurking somewhere very, very close by.

In the post comes my six-month royalty statement. Between July and December Novel 1 sold 14 copies, and Novel 2, 15 copies. Leaving unearned balances of £968.83 and £1922.83.

And then an e-mail pops in from latest agent. Great trepidation as I open this, perhaps she's been reading Novel 3 over the weekend? They often do. But no, it's a note to say that because of the high number of submissions, the turnaround time is 2 months. Good idea though, at least it leaves you knowing how long you should leave off the nag.

And then behind my left ear partner's having his own bad day, grumbling down the phone to hospitals and doctors' receptionists.

Still, there were a couple of cheering successful failure stories around this weekend. The Sunday Times has an interview with Eddie Izzard who was 'a complete failure for a decade' - he did Edinburgh for 12 years before any light fell. In The Observer, Lynn Barber gets under the skin of 30-times-rejected-Orange-prizewinner Lionel Shriver.

Now back to novel 4 and thence more query letters.

Bye bye, thanks for visiting, come again soon.


hellojed said...

Loved the photo. I was also cheered by Lionel Shriver's interview - she came across as a very eccentric, old-school British writer even though she's American.

Anne Brooke said...

Nightmare day, Amanda - sorry to hear this. But you'll be glad to know that you're certainly not the only writer who's jealous as hell of those wretched peers who go onto great heights - must admit to putting two fingers up (in a subtle way) whenever I come across one these days. My grandmother would turn in her urn but hey it gets rid of some of the angst, so I see it as a health option ...

And you're not alone on the bad day front either - I've had my first bad review for "A Dangerous Man", so am having a stiff gin evening and spitting a lot.

Hugs, m'dear! Don't let the b******s grind you down ...