Tuesday, April 24, 2007


After sudden bursts of business-like industry yesterday afternoon I don't know where I am.

Firstly, last week I contacted non-fiction publishers. Referring to the publication of my Decontamination Bible in China I asked for the name of the person I should contact about my proposal for a follow-up book. I will have to contact the Person at the Top. Many People at the Top still have the communication gene in place, perhaps because they're not as horrendously overworked as anybody in employment these days seems to be.

I've also had a re-think about the novel situation. The appalling reviews of the musical
- I can't bring myself even to name it's such an awful awful title - aren't going to help my haglit cause any & will have terrified publishers even further away from the subject matter. Trying to be ahead of the genre game perhaps was a risk too far. So I had a look at the treatment for the 55,000-word-complete novel I abandoned to write the now finished, but quite possibly, for now at least, unsellable novel 3. Or should I now call it novel 4? And I really liked it. And am quite keen to get back and complete it. But now I've started another one (which I've been calling novel 4 but is now I suppose novel 5). Am 26,000 words in of first draft and I love that one, even though it's a totally different genre. First thought, or rather last thought last night was I'd do 500 wds a day on each. But would that be just too confusing? Argh.

Now I'm off for coffee with a friend, that's the thing to do. Yes. And more yes.

Bye bye, thanks for visiting, come again soon.

Post-post addenum: On my way out of the door, I find a surprise package in the postbox from very publisher. It's a copy of the Danish co-edition of the book, entitled Pletfjerning! Not what I asked for but extreme and kindly progress. There's a comp slip with a name on it and everything. Today is turning out to be a good sort of a day. I have eaten fresh-baked banana cake with friendly old friends; I have been called over and smiled at in the supermarket by old playground distantly acquaintance-mum and told I look gorgeous and tanned; I have been smiled at in the petrol station and said goodbye to and then had a door held open. I have read a very interesting blogpost about plotting. I am on a roll. I am going to write so many bits of so many books this afternoon I will be smiling to myself...


Jessica said...

I wouldn't panic too much about reviews of the musical Amanda - if your book is from the heart and well written (as I'm sure it is) it will find an audience. And the audience you're aiming for is potentially Huge. Do finish it.

Amanda Mann said...

Thanks, Jessica! I am keeping on trucking with it, sending 4 more query letters out today.