Thursday, April 26, 2007


Blogfriend GrannyP has just come out and revealed her real name - Penelope Farmer, the author of the classic children's novel Charlotte Sometimes. I've been hearing so many strong and fierce reactions of love and passion about this book that, even in my non book-buying mode, I had to have it. Daughter is reading it now then it's my turn.

I am still Amanda here, which feels odd sometimes. It was a name picked in a milisecond when I started this little blog distraction experiment. Once I was back with a deal, or at least an agent, which at the time I really thought would be a matter of a few months, I was going to reveal myself and be like most everybody else. After one mailing I had 2 established agents interested in the (since abandonded but soon to be resurrected) novel, plus another newer agent who even called me into town and bought me a coffee. But there you go, the years tick by and here I still am Amandaing away.

Today I've been working on Novel 5. Finally got down to it after mega-self-distraction-procrastinationitis. I booked our holiday with virginal credit card I'd successfully banned from myself (but not quite snipped into pieces) for over a year. A bit scary but French campsites don't seem to want to know about NatWest Switches. (I will I swear pay it off in full as soon as the horrid white window envelope arrives.) Then I cleaned hamster cage & put in a very important call to Sainsbury's to sort out my Nectar points, then I made 5 thousand cups of lemon tea whilst reading e-mails, blogs, you know, one of those sort of writing days. No sign of the work work, which is distracting, because it could come in by bike delivery at any moment, which isn't help in the hunkering down stakes I suspect.

Anyhow, although no wordcount progress, feels like I have done some constructive work today. The research notes were getting unruly, so I've put everything on one document under different headings in areas which crop up in different parts of the story. I've also 'dialogued' some of them, so that instead of pages of facts and ideas I have made little conversations that drop some of the clues and bits in, though they're not part of the body of the main story yet. This will probably take a few more days. But then, all being well, I'll have a chunk of writing which is in order which I can then thread throughout as I go. Have decided to stay with this novel for now, and aim for a first draft complete before the summer holidays mid-July. Haven't worked out how many words that is a week yet, but a quarter are there already.

Going out, with a writer friend to one of Patrick Neate's Book Slam nights. Should be fun.

Bye bye, thanks for visiting, come again soon.


Cathy said...

Charlotte Sometimes. Gosh that rings a bell, I'm sure I read it as a child. Probably when it first came out, as I would have been 9!

beta mum said...

have just come across your site - am horrified to find there can still be struggling post-agent/publisher.
I thought once you got one or the other the rest was easy...
apart from writing the stuff, of course