Wednesday, May 02, 2007


Have finally reached the nitty gritty bit of revisioning I was dreading. I printed out the final 80 or so pages yesterday afternoon and took them to a sunbed in the sun.

We are having big debates here about whether to sit in our front garden or not. It gets the full sun and looks down over a lovely vista of trees, whereas the back gets spots of light in the shade and you have to keep dragging your chair around all day. It also gets the noisy Rugrats next door of an afternoon (twice as loud as last year I'm sure). But the front is exposed, the wall is low & there's no front gate. I've thought about getting a beach wind-shield, putting up trellising all round (a variation of which I'd definitely do if the house were mine), a friend suggested bamboo (again too much to invest on a rental). The best solution so far is to just do it. And yesterday afternoon I have to admit, lying on the sunbed with editing pencil in hand I did have one of those good author moment feelings.

And I got a lot done. The problem is I've put a piece into the synopsis which isn't in the text yet. Has anybody else ever found that? You get so carried away writing up the story that new bits occur that aren't even in there? So I was going to insert those, but actually realised that it would involve introducing a new minor character who'd be better left right on the peripherals and I've given her gossipy girly text to the gay bar owner. Which means much less rewriting. There's another scene too, but I can always readjust later. Interrupting the story flow and all is one job too many to be done in a hurry. And I've virtually done all the corrections, in pencil. The final couple chapters still need to be read but they have had more of a going-over already so am hopeful they'll be a cruise.

Bye bye, thanks for visiting, come again soon.

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