Monday, May 07, 2007


New review for Novel 2 on Amazon. A surprise, because latest royalty statement says only 15 or so copies were shifted in six months. One of those 15 has taken time out to give it 3 stars and call it OK, not wonderful, not terrible. I mean, if you're not moved one way or the other why bother? Better news over on Bookcrossing where another rare recent reader has also taken time out to comment. They give it maximum stars and say: "Really loved this one. It's all about marriage in modern times. Very funny and close to home in parts." So even Stevens for now then.

Successful author has new book out and so is everywhere in the mags and newspapers at the moment. Good article on reviewing and why she dishes out bad reviews sometimes. Then gets it in the neck herself the very next day.

I confess I've been tempted to take the Amazon one-star slag-off route sometimes. I'd never, ever do it. It would leave a very nasty taste in my mouth, just as confessing here that I've been tempted does. I know you have to get used to taking it, because that's part of the deal. But I can't see how anybody who's been on the receiving end could inflict it on anybody else. As A A Gill says, he can do it precisely because that's his job and he doesn't own a restaurant or make his own TV programmes.

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Anne Brooke said...

Fifteen in the last six months? Hey, in my book (sorry!), that's pretty cool, Amanda! My biggest bestseller so far has after all only shifted 105 in a year, and my latest novel has only sold 55 in 3 months, so I like to think I have a small but select readership, tee hee!

Hugs, m'dear!


Debi said...

Did you know that Lionel Shriver was turned down 30 (yes 30!) times before getting the deal with Serpent's Tail?

That's how tough and persistent you need to be to have a chance in this world ...

Anne Brooke said...

Only thirty? What a beginner! She hasn't even been born! - when Flame Books accepted "A Dangerous Man", they were my 50th (and last before intending on my usual self-publishing route ...) attempt. Since then, sales have been poor (but I always expect that!) but reviews have been stonking.

In this business, extremely good writers often fall between the commercial lines as publishers are soooo narrow in their list choices - which is why we thank the Good Lord every day for the option of self-publishing!



Amanda Mann said...

50th?? 30th?? I didn't know there were that many publishers out there! Novel 1 was only going to be shown to 8 or possibly 9 by my agent before hitting the decks. Fortunately number 7 bought. Maybe that's because it was commercial fiction & once you've done the mainstream you're pretty well shtommped?? I am looking forward to doing more short stories one day. I only started writing (deliberately commercial) novels because there was no outlet for shorts. But it seems, at last, the tides may be turning. Fiction Bitch has a must-read guestblog by Julian Gough,the recent National Short Story winner.