Monday, May 21, 2007


What else can go wrong? Not a good thing to say I know. Count the rights. Yes. But, even so, am starting to wonder if the exploding brown stuff which was our New Year's Eve symbolised the beginning of a bad year rather than the end.

Last weekend was my mini-breakdown, this weekend sees the drain in our back garden overspilling and gradually seeping the sewage from 6 or 7 houses up our street onto the grass.

Emergency calls are made, always a panic when you're a tenant because landlords have to be involved and approve, and our caretaker was nowhere to be found, so we had to get in touch with owners in USA and all of that.... They e mail to say we're covered by the British Gas Homeplan insurance set-up (why didn't we know British Gas did drains?). So we cancel Thames Water and get their Dynorod Roddy down on the insurance tick who arrives at 10pm and discovers the problem but says he can't help us because the blockage is further up the system & only can be reached from neighbour's drain, and they aren't covered by British Gas insurance. SO unless we'd pay him £130 plus VAT he wouldn't be helping us. So he leaves leaving the garden filling with - I won't give you a picture this time. Anyhow that night we called Thames Water and they said they'd send someone in the morning. Partner's on steroids so he's wound up to manic proportions. But at least he has sleeping pills. Cue one sleepless night for me, pondering the new addition of neighbours to deal with, do they have to pay a share? it's their shit after all, or do we have to wait until it starts overflowing into their space? All the time the muck builds outside. The Thames Water guy came and looked at the problem, poked a stick down and cleared it in about 30 seconds. Then a neighbour from over the road came across and said he had a problem with his drains, off this guy goes and helps him. All no charge. Thames Water are sending someone back today to clean up our garden and disinfect it. So ten out of ten to them. Zero for Dynorod. Zero for British Gas.

I decide to complain (oop, an e-mail just blipped in, a rejection for the novel, ho ho. It's not the important one though who's already loving it, just one of the peripherals so no big tears there.) There's something so depressing about someone coming out to rescue you, for them to turn up and then decide they're not going to help you after all. Technically maybe he couldn't do it, but - you know - poking a stick. So I call British Gas to have my little rant, and I'm given the official line by some robotwoman. And so I say OK it's not policy I'd therefore like to complain about your policy. Then she says she can't register my complaint because I'm only the tenant. British Gas - the pits.

Bye bye, thanks for visiting, come again soon.


Anne Brooke said...

What a rotten time - but glad the water man came up with the goods i the end. Hope things improve soon - huge hugs


Amanda Mann said...

Thank you!