Tuesday, May 22, 2007


We've done it! We're up and running on eBay and I've chosen my silly name and people are bidding and and watching and sending e-mail queries. This has been a culmination of months of fussing and worrying about pixels and postage, cutting out newspaper articles detailing the pitfalls, buying 'How To' books which led to only more worrying about dodgy traders called RisibleRob998 and all the PayPal business.

It is exciting and has completely cured my Amazon tic and even Sitemeter (which has mysteriously disappeared from this blog, along with several favourite links). I am a crashing dinner party bore, but it is a rich, rich subject. Almost as good as, no, better than the boot sale a few weekends ago. Boot sale has produced a short story though, or perhaps something even longer (triggers: something TURNING UP on my stall, a little wooden bulldog who now sits next to me willing my luck to turn; our clothes rail crashing down onto woman next door's car; the loud old man in old man jeans pretending he was moving from an enormous house & wasn't simply broke like the rest of us; the soft toy perv; the woman with parrot on shoulder; the famous artist wandering around (Peter Blake - again) ). But anyway back to the business of the day... Best e-bay story so far was a friend at Sunday lunch who told us about this journalist who, to see what would happen, put up some old rope. And all these people start bidding for it. And the journalist then decided to go and see the man who'd bought it to see what kind of person gives money for etc... And the guy was a normal bloke with a garage of cars who just happened to want some old rope.

Bye bye, thanks for visiting, come again soon.


Cathy said...

I LOVE eBay...I mean why pay full price for anything nowadays?

But I have to confess that like you, I have not been brave enough to sell anything on there yet. Perhaps you have just given me the courage to do so. We could certainly do with getting rid of some of the clutter which has collected from my eBay buying habit!

Amanda Mann said...

Oooh, go for it! If anything all those advice things put me off, making it seem more complicated than it is. Ebay has so many advice sections and forums for beginners if any problems do crop up. The tips I picked up were to start small so you build your reputation; put a 'gallery' pic in; to post to UK only when you're starting out, one less thing to worry about; to do a little 'about me' profile; to take pics in the bath for reflection and good background.

Amanda Mann said...

Oh and the other one is not to have a reserve price to attract more early bidders, esp if you're new.