Thursday, May 24, 2007


Surprising e-mail from Favourite Agent, rejecting recently-revived novel 3. Novels set mostly abroad are difficult to sell for some reason. I've heard this before. Perhaps writing is more like telly than I realised. I used to do World About Us type foreign docs which are barely in the schedules any more. They're virtually all celeb-fronted now, giving the audience something to hook onto. Or newsy ones, which can of course be excellent. Not saying the others are all bad, sadly missed the Paul Merton in China last week which has to be good. But it is all Englishperson Abroad viewpoint rather than the place itself talking. I did love the recent Papua New Guinea tribespeople coming to UK series, though. Anyhow, Favourite Agent says she's still not forgotten novel 4 and if inspiration strikes she'll get in touch, which is nice hmm?

Meantime still no news from agent who loved the opening chapters of Novel 4 who has the whole ms. Plus Agent of Year colleague e-mailed to say she's going to read my openers for novels 3 and 4 as soon as she's done with her urgent client work, so hope flying fair. Writing friend asks why I don't pitch Novel 5 as well. It's a different genre and I think that just might be one confusion too many. I haven't got the storyline down to a crisp yet either. I might ask her what she thinks is selling at the moment, though.

Have just finished big bout of work-work which will pay for our camping trip to Dorset this weekend. Am now off to old computer to dig out ancient camping holiday masterlist. I am excited about this. So is daughter. She is going Zorbing!

Bye bye, thanks for visiting, come again soon.


Julia Buckley said...

yeah, I thought the Paul Merton thing was really good.

Fingers crossed for you.


rivergirlie said...

zorbing looks completely nuts! hope she enjoys it. and good luck - novel 4 finds a lovely home and invites novel 3 to move in with it

Amanda Mann said...

Thank you, Julia, all crossed fingers gratefully received. Zorbing WAS completely nuts, daughter was invited on a friend's voucher - second for second it must be the most expensive extreme sport or any other kind of sport going, one roll for twenty five quid!! was the price paid, though daughter was allowed to roll as an extra in the ball for a tenner. It was hugely enjoyed, though, & a luvly picnicing spot in the Dorset countryside & all even if we did feel like extras from The Prisoner with these big white balls tumbling everywhere.