Monday, June 04, 2007


I must not get too hopeful. I must not get too hopeful. This could end in tears. It may well end in tears. Don't get too hopeful. Don't DON'T.

Wait. That's all I can do. Write. Wait. Write. Wait. Wait.

Things I'd do if I got a book deal:

Ride on the beach

Have a haircut

Buy socks and nice undergarmentings and overgarmentings from shop other than Primark, for I hear there are some

Drink something with friendlyfriends

Buy books. I want this and this and this and... oh and just as I'm getting back into fiction, Grumpy has pointed out one for us: Failure by Joshua Gidding.

But stop. Stop this now. It'll end in tears. I'm warning me.

But yes, editor liked the synopsis of novel 4 and agent has now sent the ms, well, half of it, the half I think I've finished, and says it looks good. And is sending it off. Woops I've already said that. Better go away.

Wait. What else can you do. Wait.

Bye bye, thanks for visiting, come again soon.


Mya said...

Fingers and everything else crossed for you!

Kate said...

There's NOWT wrong with hope. I do know how important it is to stay calm about things for the sake of sanity BUT you deserve a break for your perseverance and talent. Really, really hope this is that break.


Anne Brooke said...

Good luck, Amanda!!



CTaylor said...

Oooh how exciting and scary...I've got everything crossed for you.

Amanda Mann said...

Thank y'all!

genevieve said...

God, Amanda, that's exciting!! Go get 'em.