Saturday, June 09, 2007


No agent/publisher news. Am still terrified each time an e-mail comes in and get more hopeful the longer it doesn't. Fantasy scenario is if the editor does like it she'll have to do the 'sharing' bit which she'd have to do before she comes back with any positive news. I have Googled her of course, then thought of Google imaging which hit a result and I do like the look of her, she's smiley and unfrightening-looking. Anyhow it's all irrelevant because agent away for 2 weeks, so glad I know that, doesn't stop me panicing at the e-mails though. She might have a BlackBerry. The writing's been put to one side now as I work flat out and e-bay off as much as I can in the run-up to our August holiday. In a moment am going out to stock up the food troughs and feeling quite excited about stepping out of the door. My piece in the paper today told of one of my proudest journalistic finds, the bagbutton. Am wondering about using it for tent this summer, as we don't take it to France because the boot of the bloody car's so small. Could work. We'd have to take a mini vac to pack it up again yore yore yawwwwwwwwn.

Am always late to catch on to things away from the world of vacuum sacks and borax, it's what happens and am now beginning to accept it, which is the next stage I suppose. But in my teabreak read about this spoof TV Controller's blog which is just priceless. The tone leaves a bit of a nasty taste, but so I gather does working in those places these days and all part of the utter authenticity. A long way from mine and Bruce's olden days of yore. Oh well.

Bye bye, thanks for visiting, come again soon.


rivergirlie said...

where abouts in france ya going then?

Amanda Mann said...

Ooh, hello rivergirlie, I just got you back on my links after Blogger wiped out half of them. We are staying with friends in Brittany Dinard area & then at a seaside, waterslide campsite at Gulfe de Morbihan (to give daughter ample getting away from us opportunities, vital as 13 approaches). And we've just been invited to gorgeous gorgeous Lourmarin, Provence which has had me clicking all over Ryanair for the first time. Partner extreemely suspicious & wondering if they actually go up in the air, we are parking in the pink elephant.