Tuesday, June 12, 2007


An unexpectedly free day today, work work not arriving until tomorrow. Last night I decided to dedicate it to writing the synopsis for Novel 5. I woke up this morning thinking about that, along with Big B's Ziggy and Chanelle. Got pulled in by their first circlings around each other I'm afraid and now, if predictably, Charlie's got the knives out, I'm in.

I now have a suitably spectacular setting for the ending, and idea I was saving for another book as it happens, but I realised this morning that it'll fit. I do know what happens in the build-up to this ending but I don't exactly know how. This is slightly spurred by the news of Barry Cunningham's latest discovery in which he talks about the best children's writing always having a portal into another world. I got one! I shout to myself, along with the 500,000 other aspiring kids writers out there at the moment. My plan with novel 5, as with novel 4, is to write the whole thing first before submitting it. But, and but, and but, I know it's amateurish thinking but I am scared of someone else having the same idea in the meantime. It's one of those simple, simplistic things. Not that anyone will have the same story, but it's the basic idea... I remind myself of when I was teaching a creative writing class once and in the coffee break I was chatting to this very shy woman who'd just read out for the first time, an extract from her short story. She'd been full of nerves beforehand and I was saying well done and all, and she said she was writing a novel, and I said oooh what's it about then? And she looked at me horrified, like as IF she was going to tell ME.

Anyhow yes so, synopsis day. No looking at notes, off top of head and no longer than a page.

Bye bye, thanks for visiting, come again soon.

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