Monday, June 18, 2007


Daughter and I snuck out to Woolworths on Sunday morning to get the father's day business done only to discover a festival was afoot. Had missed most of it but later in the day we managed to drag partner out of the door and up to artists' open studio day. Good excuse to smooch around, esp on Eel Pie which, on a normal day, offers nothing to the visitor except a wiggly path and high fences you can't even see over leaving a slightly sinister taste in the mouth. It's a tiny island but bigger than you think, crammed with funny little houses, boatyards, two nature reserves and full of inventors and artists . It was fun. I liked the shoes. We bumped into an old friend, not really - a good friend of a good friend, which got us immediately talking of The Caribbean where none of us had been and and a petrol station in the New Forest where some of us had, and being offered mugs of wine. We gathered various postcards and daughter nearly fainted at sight of Dr Who actor - NOT that one. Back on the mainland there was one of those French markets that are springing up all over the place. It doesn't work does it? It's fine to see stalls of olives and waffles and crepes where they're supposed to be, but I'm afraid the only feeling it left me with was of being fairly ripped off. Two quid for 4 biscuits; ordering half a kilo of cherries to discover there's extra to pay than the whole kilo price. White peaches that turned out to be yellow. No.

All weekend was trying to get down to the ghost writing. Didn't get very far, not far at all. Mostly crossings out and immense feelings of dissatisfaction. Have to be careful not to let it overtake everything else, because it's only a pitch and I can't spend 2 months on perfecting a pitch that may be for nothing. Today's been journalism which always makes me feel like I've been productive, as I have. A bit of excitement on e-bay as well as a suitcase I put up for 99p last night is already up to £74! Sorry there are lots of figures in this. Sadly our preoccupation at the moment.

The landlords didn't come.

Bye bye, thanks for visiting, come again soon.

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