Monday, June 25, 2007


A major reshuffle this weekend, as spare room becomes daughter's room and daughter's room becomes day room, study, MY study, I have an office. The other room could have been my office, except it was a bit small and slanty-ceilinged and therefore difficult to organise in any pleasing way. It doesn't have ghosts that come and sit on your bed and touch you, waking you up in the middle of the night and sending you screaming to your parents' bed. Most Haunted has been banned for some time. Shame. It's almost perfect television. A bit of history, a bit of snooping around properties, a bit of mystery and lots of laughs. We did sneak one in the other day, it just happened to flit past the remote control and we found ourselves saying to each other 'Derek's back!'. He seems to have developed a closer link with the other side, we both commented, getting straight through, like he's upped himself to broadband now he's rich and famous. He doesn't make me laugh, like he does a lot of people. Yvette and Stuart, however, have the ability to send me into hysterics, even when I am feeling very glum. Oh Stuart! We have to switch it off quickly if partner comes home, it makes him very cross. So, of course, the latest spookivity is my fault. And the snails, who else has snails doing rain dances on their doorsteps? The one at the top seems to have had enough. Glad to see he's heading off in Miserable Neighbour's direction. We all watched The Others, though, the other day, and all liked it. Nicole Kidman very, very good. Best English accent award. Daughter had seen it at a friend's, and then borrowed it for us to see. That's where the spooks are coming from, we didn't know it was so scary until we watched it. Anyhow, I should thank them because I've got an office now. I can write all night (on paper, no computer) and set myself ridiculous deadlines. We saw Big Fish too. I didn't know what to make of that. Noticed it was the favourite film of a friend's friend when I was snooping about on Facebook the other day. It was probably better than I thought it was. Was only half watching. I liked the giant.

Bye bye, thanks for visiting, come again soon.

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