Friday, June 29, 2007


Am exhausted, physically, nervously, emotionally.

No news from the agent re the publisher. I'm guessing, no - I'm not guessing, I just don't know.

No writing done this week. Work has been Full On, not helped by constantly interrupting myself to throw sheep at my friends on Facebook and then I got more than slightly paranoid about the whole on-line kamaga.


A web page that steers you round the dreaded Vivaldi/automatic voice machines. I just used it for Royal Mail Parcelforce and it worked brilliantly, straight through to helpful head office person.

Bye bye, thanks for visiting, come again soon.

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John Baker said...

Hi Amanda,
This is not a comment for this post, but is the only way I could find of contacting you.

I'm asking a selection of writer/bloggers to contribute their thoughts to
the following question. What phases are involved in the creation of a text?
The implication of the question is, of course, that writing does in fact
go through phases.
Whereas most readers who do not write themselves believe that a text is
created from a single inspiration, they may also subscribe to the
paradoxical view that its genesis is to be found in some kind of formula.
As a writer you will know that there are no rules, or if there are rules
they are there only to be broken; and also that, generally speaking, there
is no single inspiration.
Most writers will admit to an initial idea followed by a gradual process
made up of individual phases. I would like, eventually, if possible, to
come to some kind of collage of what those phases may be.
I'm planning to publish replies to the question on my blog during August.
I'd really like you to be involved. I'm not looking for lengthy and
involved essays, simply a description from a personal point of view of
what characterizes those phases for you, if you like in relation to a
particular piece of work.
Best wishes
John Baker

PS. When replying, please make sure I have the address of your blog, so that your reply can be credited correctly.