Tuesday, July 03, 2007


I overdid it all last week & got into a bit of a nervous mess. Too many things at once, the TV post-production, the newspaper pieces, the ghost writing, the novel that's with the publisher, and the new novel I'd dearly love to get back to. Still no news from agent. In a way I am fairly OK about living in hope at the moment as to be resending it if it fails to get anywhere will be yet another job to put on the list.

In anticipation of moving fairly shortly, the selling of all our worldly possessions on EBay has been another unavoidable time-eater. I am now a dab hand with the bubble-wrap and have earned myself 7 brownie points from other Ebayers so far. It's been a positive experience. I wouldn't quite know what to do if I didn't have the daily bids to check along with the blogs and Facebook. At the moment we have some Solomon Islands shell necklaces, a Harley Davidson saddle, a cutlery canteen and a Sylvanian House with animals up for grabs. The necklaces are doing b. all but the Sylvanians getting lots of attention. Daughter's hoping for enough to get an iPod.

Bye bye, thanks for visiting, come again soon.


beta mym said...

I'm glad you've found e-bay a postive experience - but I've found it irritating in the extreme.
Mainly because the things I've sold are kids' clothes, which don't make much, and then I have to pack the things up and send them off, and there's always one person who wins something and doesn't pay up.
And someone else who doesn't notice I don't have a paypal account and then complains that s/he doesn't use cheques and can't cope with postal orders.
I've all but given up on it - but may try one more time.

Amanda Mann said...

Clothes have been our least successful and most fiddly area & can understand your irritation. We've had several big items, & parcelforce come and take them away and deliver them which feels painless. I like the Pay Pal system, is it not worth going on it? I notice some people avoid it & there must be reasons. We've yet to have a non-payer but got pretty scared the other day when somebody called WHINGE967 or something was bidding, who'd call themselves that? Good luck with the fresh attempts. A boot saler also told us that it was worth putting in 'cash buyer collects' options, we're close to London so there's a wide catchment area, and quite a few people do choose to come along and hand over the cash.