Friday, July 13, 2007


Morning tea and flakes, what to do in my half hour breakfast allowance? See what my friends are doing on Facebook? Read the blogs? Read the Daily Mail? We are buying it for the tokens & I am rather enjoying it. It has more pictures than the Independent and is rather good on face creams. The World At War, for which we are token snipping (I even keep them in a transparent folder thingy), is worth it as well, without doubt one of the best doc series ever made, & have always been fair obsessed with the old black and white historicals in any case. Except now I realise will also have to buy it on Saturday for the Prince CD. I don't even know if I like Prince, but everybody seems to these days, so might as well. I am advertising the Daily Mail here STOP IT NOW!

I shouldn't be reading anything, or doing this, too much to do. Did sneak a look at Wife In the North's funny Antiques Roadshow musings just now. If I ever get a book deal and am in book buying mode ever again (tax deductible, can you imagine?)I will buy her book, even though it's a blog and I don't really have to. Chris Moyles Show Big Brother coverage is also funny, the Brian impersonation should win every award going. Helen Simpson short stories another current obsession, keeping me up at night and giving me writer-envy. Now I'm off.

Bye bye, thanks for visiting, come again soon.

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