Monday, July 16, 2007


Have been searching for a new title this week. I hadn't quite cottoned on how crucial they are in these No Logo days of ours where branding is all. What's needed is a killer, punchy, narrative sort like Virginia Ironside's No I Don't Want To Join A Bookclub. Bedtime reading has been Rogets Thesaurus and the Oxford Dictionary of Quotations. I made a long list, a mid list and then a shortlist and used my 10 minute slot at writing group last night to brainstorm with the girls. The one we finally all liked the best wasn't on the list at all. It came out of us nattering away about the general situation of the character in the book. Then gossiping about a writer who'd got a very nice deal on the strength of their own title, and then nicking a bit of that, changing it into something completely different and tagging it on to the natter thread. So, one up for brainstorming - not allowed to call it that any more.

Daughter's 13th birthday picnic at Pen Ponds in Richmond Park on Saturday. Managed to get the one and only day in this month it hasn't rained. I used to go overboard on picnics but these days keep it down to smoked salmon sandwiches, strawberries and rose wine for the adults and bagels, crisps and Ame for the girls, in their own spot on the other side of the lake. Out of earshot. Welcome to the teenage years.

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