Friday, July 27, 2007


The first week of the summer holidays has been quiet and relaxed. Nothing happening writing-wise. The journalism has been taking up my time, still more to do today. When that's out of the way I will settle down to writing a new synopsis for novel - ? um, 6. This is to a briefing by an editor, to be submitted to Favourite Agent soonest. No news on that front, and I have to confess am a bit coy about writing about it here because although there have been discussions, nothing is settled in the slightest.

The sun is out and doing its dappling this morning, so wonderful after our weeks and weeks of rain. A friend called by yesterday afternoon. In the gaps between showers we walked her dog in the woods. It was sensational, everything so intensely green and lush. We picked wild flowers and blackberries, using her doggy poo bag as a carrier and just hoping the dog held off (it did). I should get out there more, the morning walks and bike rides have stopped, mainly because it's been chucking it down with rain every day and I've had so much work to get through, but when daughter's up (ha) I'll nip out for a bit.

We're almost definitely moving come the autumn. Can't afford to stay here. I won't miss it too badly. It's a lovely, quiet little house, and it's situation beside the river and the meadows is special. But when you rent you can't make a place your own, you can't put pictures on the wall or make it how you want, psychologically you're always in temporary mode. it hasn't exactly been the friendliest of neighbourhoods, haven't met anybody in fact, which is a first I think, for all the places I've ever lived. The Miserable Neighbours' 3 kids have got noisier, and for that reason alone I won't miss being here. Now that the decision has been made to move it's a relief and I'm looking forward to the change. I actually like moving, which is just as well as this will be the 6th since daughter came along.

Knowing that eBay is there is a comfort. We're moving into a flat without a garden (yipes, but there is a balcony and a communal garden) and it's good to know I can put stuff up for sale and wait for friendly, jolly people to come along, give me some cash and take it away. The Wendy House went last weekend. At the moment we have the most gorgeous multicoloured woollen hammock up for sale, bought by partner in Columbia many years ago. Stored ever since, in the hope that one day we'd have room to put it up somewhere but it's never happened and probably never will.

Bye bye, thanks for visiting, come again soon.

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