Friday, August 17, 2007



Mya said...

Happy hols Amanda! I hope you get good weather in Brittany - the weather here in France is a bit pot-luck at the moment.

Since the last time I dropped by your blog it seems like lots of positive stuff is happening with the writing (Novel 4 re-write/agent interest etc).Very well done to you - keep it up.Good luck with the re-write on your return - all very exciting stuff!

Mya x

EmmaK said...

Have a great holiday. I adore the picture!

Amanda Mann said...

Thanks so much. I won't believe anything until it happens but things definitely looking up. We were lucky in Brittany, well, it rained for the first week but we were staying with friends so we had a good time anyway. 2nd week we were in a caravan beside the sea. Golf de Morbihan, very pretty and lovely sunshine too. The pic was taken by partner with his now well-developed salad bowl technique - holding glass salad bowl in the water and holding camera inside that to take the pic.