Tuesday, September 11, 2007


The brief is to put in more emotion. But first, can I recommend the above, Kate Harrison's event at the end of the month in Salford. Tea, cake and a chocolate fountain is included in the entry fee.

On holiday I read Carol Shields on Jane Austen and made a few notes:

Important moments buried in paragraphs that pretend to be flattened asides.
Difference between appearance and reality.
Reader preparing for disappointment, fearing that Elizabeth has gone too far this time.
Separated from the mainstream, growing signs of independent thought.
Characterisation – not bodily posture – air about them.
Characters alive in their ambiguity.
Emotionally detached, looking forward to a life of disappointment.
Overheard on love.
Ballet of glances.
In the 2nd half of the novel she becomes capable of anger (when Henry refuses to believe she cannot love him, now she was angry).
Use of accident & near misses.
While he’s talking, she’s calculating.
The fusion of moral consideration and human drama, perfect pitch.

I went back to Lisa Gardener's excellent tricks of the trade essays.

I went back to my original Hero's journey list relating to this story.

I made a list (I think made from a Leonard Cohen interview about songwriting) and placed each in very large font at an appropriate point in the story breakdown:

Gain, loss, victory, surrender, sympathy, remorse, pride, envy, defeat (recognition of), apprehension, fallibility (the place where we all meet), fear, foolish.

After transferring notes from index cards back into one big, clumsy 11-page document, I took the lines I still wanted from the old synopsis and started a new "short synopsis" document which, at the moment, stands at, um, 10 pages.

Oh, and doing my exercises this morning listened to Great Lives on my all time favourite creative person (who'd argue with that of course): John Cage.

Oh and Susan Hill
's creative writing course looks great.

Bye bye, thanks for visiting, come again soon.

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