Monday, September 17, 2007


Lovely what you find when you're clearing out. This is daughter at my favourite Dorset beach, Eype, just down from the current literary location hotspot, Chesil Beach. Now my mother is in a home close to my sister's, we don't visit Dorset any more and I can't say I miss it. Those years were so fraught and stressful I never appreciated the beauty. It's also incredibly dangerous. There are some safe beaches at West Bay and Weymouth, but the Chesil shingle slopes steeply & there's a strong undercurrent. Freak waves come out and grab people. When we were there a few years ago, in the middle of August, on a calm enough day, a wave came and grabbed a child. A man walking along leapt in to rescue the child and drowned. I often think of him, just nipping out for a summer's stroll. I've written one long short story set on that beach, long before that happened, but have never done anything with it. And a poem. Just remembered the poem, The Beach at Eype. Arg, best forgotten, but I was doing a writing class at the time.

On Friday I finally got the plot outline off to the agent. I was sure it was a synopsis she asked for, and, having finally edited it down to 3 and a bit pages, checked the notes made from the telephone conversation, and there it said plot outline. So back to the long synopsis and another day's work. At least I could get more in. Now begins the wait for the verdict.

I'm not exactly short of things to do. Work work is coming in again, and the move date has been set for November 1st. By then I've got to have got rid of most of my possessions. Still at the liberating stage. Not even a whimper of regret as Parcelforce came to take away the saddle this morning, it sold on eBay over the weekend for £41.

After a visit to see The Boyfriend at the Regent's Park Open Air Theatre (magical - why have I lived in and around London all these years and managed to miss it?) on Saturday, we stopped by at the flat to work out how everything's going to fit in. There's no garden, but it does have a balcony and a key to a beautiful communal garden (with a GRASS tennis court, I'd forgotten about that). Daughter is most excited about living within walking distance of TopShop and Blockbuster.

With space at an absolute premium, have just sent off for my Bag Button. I wrote about them in my cleaning & household column a few months ago but never got round to buying one. I also signed this Plastic Bag Petition today.

Bye bye, thanks for visiting, come again soon.


Barbara said...

Hi Amanda ---

It's Barbara from the U.S. again. You asked where in the U.S. I husband and I are in Solvang, California. It's a pretty little town not too far from Santa Barbara. It was originally settled by Danish folks (well, originally originally by Native Americans), and it's now a tourist town. But it's right in the middle of the Santa Ynez Valley which is home to lots and lots of vineyards and wineries. A very nice place to live. :-D

But I envy you living in England. We've been there husband went to Cheltenham on business and I got to tag along. We then took a week and drove back to London, visiting a few areas along the way. We hope to return some day and spend much more time.

Good luck with the does feel good, though, doesn't it?

And please know that you have company as you wait to hear from the agent about your plot outline...I'm so impressed by your dedication to your writing and so excited for you that all your hard work may soon reap some well-deserved rewards!

Take care,

Amanda Mann said...

Thank you Barbara, much appreciated.

Mya said...

A grass tennis court? How posh! Good luck with the plot outline and the packing.

Mya x