Saturday, September 22, 2007


Still waiting for the agent's verdict.

I take this not to be bad news, but then again it's not a very good idea to think it might be good news either.

Meantime, this house is on the market, for sale or to rent. We have a Board outside, which means all the neighbours know. As nobody talks to me anyhow, this isn't of much consequence. A bouncy young bloke came round to take photos the other day. I'd polished, of course, and made sure daughter's teenage clothing scatterings were cleared. We happened to have flowers in, which is very rare these days, and, to please my little mind, I scattered my friends' books around the rooms, just to see if any make the webvert, in which case, I shall show you. I might show you anyhow, but am confident one will make it in.

It's a bit peculiar, being a tenant sitting inside someone else's marketing campaign. As I don't give a toss if it sells or lets? ARG - see? Moments ago an agent showed a couple round and left. I just got a call from the office to say there's another couple waiting outside she'd forgotten about, so would I mind showing them round? So I did. And they were very nice. I found myself calling our bedroom the master bedroom and immediately felt a twat. You can just about walk around and get dressed without hitting anything with your elbows.

What I was going to say is that these viewing appointments are not in my radar of urgent things to think about. So I'm sitting here tapping away and there's a ring on the doorbell and the room is suddenly full of people, which can be quite disconcerting. Like, yesterday a whole group trooped in - a big, round Chicago American, permanently talking very loudly into his the mobile; his very talkative wife, and some grown-up young people, it was like being visited from the cast of Cheers. And as I often forget they're coming and am absorbed in what I'm doing, it's almost like characters coming to life, except I'm not writing about characters at the moment, but stainless steel knives and damp cupboards.

As a humble tenant, free of domestic interiors ponderings for the last 14 years, I am also turning my thoughts to the flat we shall be living in. I have to treat carefully, partner's territory and all that, but I will be sneaking my own flowery florids atop the black leather sofas gently gently. Ikea hackers caught my eye the other day. Could possibly become my new pastime, if I ever in any time get any time to myself that is.

Another person interested in my eBay LP got in touch to say to let him know what off-auction offers I get before accepting, because he'll top it. I think that sort of thing is frowned upon by the Lords of the Bay isn't it? Anyhow I'm not. I'm holding out for the bids. He wrote back and said he thought I was very wise. So far I have one bid, at 99p. Deb, thanks for the assurance, you're my Noel on this. My sister and partner both said TAKE IT!

Bye bye, thanks for visiting, come again soon.


CTaylor said...

So you've got at least 2 very interested people now. Just you wait until the last 5 minutes before your item closes - there will be a bidding frenzy which will be very exciting!

Amanda Mann said...

I do hope so! It's still stuck on 99p. I guess professional bidders wait until right at the end & don't want to show their hand too soon - 5 days 1 hour 40 minutes to go. At least it keeps my agent anxt at bay.

Mya said...

It's awful having complete strangers wandering through your flat, isn't it? All making comments about your stuff. The master bedroom - that made me laugh. Just the sort of thing I'd say, and then immediately regret. Must all be an unwelcome distraction for you right now, though. Fingers crossed on the agent. I'm going to check out Ikeahackers - see what that's all about. Take care!

Mya x

Julia Buckley said...

At least it's something to take your mind of waiting for The Call! Fingers crossed for you.