Tuesday, October 02, 2007

CONF 486:

Blank. I am. Blank blank blank.

Used to write once, haven't written since before the summer holidays, that's July, early July.

Very busy in other ways. Can now spend whole days not even wondering if I'll ever hear anything, if I'll ever have time to write again & just assuming all of that was part of another summer life.

Bye bye, thanks for visiting, come again another day.


Anne Brooke said...

Oh God, Amanda - I am sooo right there in that same zone right now. Don't worry - we can huddle together for warmth and stare at our biros ...



Mya said...

Been there, done that too. Blank. It's a horrid word.
Hey, but congrats on the Bowie LP. What a result! Hang in there - it'll all come flooding in at a most inopportune moment, you can guarantee - when you're miles from a computer, pen, paper, dictaphone - whatever.

Mya x