Sunday, October 14, 2007



Thanks to Publisher's News' daily update emails, have been able to keep a quiet eye on the Frankfurting goings on. Was pleased to see the agent I'm working with in there, securing a six figure deal for a first time author. Another hot-selling book was described as both commercial and literary, hooray, and why not. If literary means, as I understand it, layers of depth, there is no reason at all why a book shouldn't be both (Austen and Dickens and all that). But then today's Observer had a long piece on the agent shake-up at PFD and the insanities of trying being a writer these days. At least I've kind of learnt that already.

I haven't been at the computer much lately. Not only moving house but my mother has died, she was 95 and severely mentally disabled, she had a miserable existence in the Home for the past few years and so it's come as a bit of a relief that her suffering is at an end, though of course the longer-term sadnesses are going to seep out over the months to come. My cousin also died, suddenly, which was a big shock and another is seriously ill. So all that on top of moving house means I'm having to be kind to myself and not get too worked up about anything.

Now I am going to cry. Have just seen this, from Matthew Clark, on Facebook:

'Hi, this is a link to an online petition to try and get rid of the bendy buses. The reason I do this and why this petition was made, is that if you've seen the news this week, you may of come across an incident that took place 5am Monday in Ilford, where a lad of 21 got dragged under one of those bendy buses. That lad was my best friend, Lee Beckwith. This had been a horrific tragedy, since he was a truly great and charismatic guy with a big heart. These vehicles have caused too much bloodshed. If you could take a minute out to add your name to this petition Lee's friends, family and myself would be extremely grateful. Thanks.

Please pass it on.

Bye bye, thanks for visiting, come again soon.


hellojed said...

Really sorry for your loss Amanda.

Amanda Mann said...

Thank you hellojed.

liz fenwick said...

You had a lot to take on. Thinking of you. Take good care of your self.

Lucy Diamond said...

So sorry to hear about your mum and your cousin.
Take care xxx

Amanda Mann said...

Thank you liz & lucy.

Mya said...

Gosh, what a time you've been having. So sorry about your mother and your cousin. You're right to take it easy and be kind to yourself. Take care.

Mya x