Thursday, October 25, 2007


It's a bit too peaceful here. The vortex of calm, I fear, before the next round. The boxes are packed with all that can be put away. Masterlists of masterlists have been edited down, according to which, the only people who need to be informed of my new address are Tesco and Sainsbury. Charity shops all over Twickenham are full of our stuff and I am on first name terms with the lovely Men from the Tip. On last visit even managed a discussion about Christianity and Buddhism with a Sri Lankan atheist. Only two things left on eBay now. A shabby pine table (currently bid to £1.03) and two astronomical telescope glasses which need more grounding ( no interest at all).

I even managed some writing yesterday. Not the novel, which is no more than a distant memory at the moment, but an 800 word article for a Venezuelan glossy on the Phantom of the Opera. A bit of blab to go with partner's photo there of le Grand Escalier.

Did you know the first Phantom movie was made in 1925?

Have also been frying my brain researching laptops. Daughter needs a PC one for her ICT work, the Apple spreadsheets don't transfer to the school computers, and let's not forget little me here who will also need it for a bit of writing here and there whilst she's at school. Have settled on a mid-range Toshiba from John Lewis which might even be in our clutches this time tomorrow.

Bye bye, thanks for visiting, come again soon.


liz fenwick said...

I love my Toshiba...... :-)

Amanda Mann said...

Ohh great, thanks, that's good to know. We've another friend who is almost Apple-like in his love for his Toshiba & Which rates them highly.