Tuesday, October 30, 2007



Guess what, my new next door neighbour is an author! She's about my age and has a daughter about daughter's age. I wonder if we will be friends? We are going to the garden square fireworks on 5 November, perhaps she'll be there? Or perhaps not. The irony is we're moving because we're so broke but the flat is a sitting tenancy in billionaire's row. Our new neighbour is as successful a writer as I am struggling. That doesn't mean she won't be friendly of course, except she's got other homes as well. When she's there she probably goes in and out of her house through the discreet underground car park so I doubt we'll ever see her. Am looking forward to meeting the other tenants in our house, though. All I know so far is there's a professor of Islam, an actor, a theatre director and the first person who ever won Who Wants To Be A Millionaire.

Bye bye, thanks for visiting, come again soon.


Mya said...

Gosh, that all sounds very glamourous and interesting. I hope you're very happy in your new flat and settle in well.

Mya x

liz fenwick said...

Intriguing neighbors :-)

Anne Brooke said...

Enjoy your new home, Amanda!



Lucy Diamond said...

Blimey, how glamorous! Much material there for further novels too, I'm sure!
Hope the famous author is friendly. And best of luck with the new place. Hope you've bagged yourself a good writing spot?

pundy said...

Sounds a fascinating place - hope it all works out okay.