Wednesday, November 07, 2007


Rewrite day: 2

No. of chapters rewritten: 0

Well, that's because I'm still getting myself organised. I am twiddling between 3 documents, the novel draft, the new plot outline summary and the Outtakes pages where I dump chapters and scenes no longer required. But then I have to go through them to dig out bits I still might want, which I put at the top of the plot outline summary doc. So far so good, the novel as it stands is very flabby, lots can go, lots to be tightened.

Am back in the caff. I was still logged in to their wireless so after a little kerfuffle with the nice owner man with me asking for un-needed passwords I was away. He then brought me my tea and a bacon sarnie, which won't become a habit it won't. I'm still too shy to use the plug. Some mums and kids have just come in and taken over the sofas right opposite me. Oh how I could have used this when I was writing my yummy mummy novels. As it is I'm finding the kids annoying. Which is annoying. However, onwards and onwards.

Bye bye, thanks for visiting, come again soon.


nietzschean-ghost said...

Hi Amanda,

Just been reading the latest parts of your blog in the office here, i havent read far back enough to know where you have relocated too, although it sounds like Saudi.

Good luck with the next book and if you get a chance drop by to my blog and let me know what you think please!

Anonymous said...

(I think that nietzchean-ghost comment is spam as it links through to a commercial site)


I just want to say thank you thank you thank you for your beautiful blog! I've just started working on my first novel (am doing a short fiction-writing course) and it's great to read how a published author is getting on. My blog's at

I am writing so much right now, I just hope and prey I get published but I need to believe I will cos otherwise, what's the point?

So thanks, and good luck!

Trace x

nietzschean-ghost said...

whoops! my mistake with the hyperlinking there. Just click on my name for my blog.

Mya said...

Hi there,
Glad you're settling in at the new flat - your neighbours sound very glam. I'm speculating wildly about the identity of the author - but I know you're far too discreet to namedrop! Keep up the good work on the novel.

Mya x
PS You're not in Saudi are you??!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Trace! And good luck with the novel, I think the big trick is to keep going even when you think it's crap. Then when you think it's great you'll still hit Walls and want to give up. Have found your blog at last Nietzschean,very impressed with your Countdown To Submission & look forward to seeing how it goes. Submission is a whole new layer of misery and angst you mustn't let yourself give up on. Mya, I SO wish I could say who it is. I'll give you a clue, daughter's street cred has soared at school. It really is incredibly ironic that there She is (sometimes), sitting looking out of her back window at the beautiful vista of trees and sky, tapping away, as I sometimes will be doing if I ever get any time off the road. When she was there I did think about her a lot, & realised how difficult mega success must be. Not being free to be able to come and go as she pleases & worst of all the terrible kidnap threat always there. Amanda