Monday, November 12, 2007


No. of rewrite days: Week 2, Day 1

No of chapters rewritten: 0

Am still laptop Lil, but am now settled in my friend K's kitchen, pinching her bread, teabags and marmite and stopping every so often, well once a day, to walk the dog. Am very confused by this wireless business.

It doesn't feel as if I've got very far, am still inserting blocks of plot outline into the text, but keep coming across lumps of text that need serious rewriting. So I do that, which I shouldn't really, because some of those chunks are going to be deleted anyway. This week I want to get the map all onto one document so am trying to resist that and surge forwards. Am probably two-thirds there. This could be good, or it could just be avoiding the inevitable big chunk of rewrite close to the beginning.

A quiet weekend, settling into the flat, recharging energy & welcoming visitors in for cups of tea. Ted Hughes' Letters has arrived from Amazon (a half price, free postage bargain I couldn't resist). Have been a bit obsessed by him this past year. Though I did think on Saturday morning, as I opened my pristine, silky hardback, WHY am I reading this when there are so many poems still to be read? Reading early letters leaves a bit of an eavesdrop flavour in the mouth, obsessed as he was by money, or the letters chosen anyhow, so much in the editing, you're just so aware they weren't written to be published and read by gazillions. All the more fascinating though, and some fantastic writing advice already. I love the way he describes how he goes out for walks and then sits somewhere wild to read. Slowly, slowly the creatures come out around him. We saw 2 foxes this morning, one beside the garden square, the other crossing the Earl's Court Road at the traffic lights. Daughter commented on his traffic sense.

Bye bye, thanks for visiting, come again soon.


Anonymous said...

"Daughter commented on his traffic sense." I love this.

Can't wait to see your place. Remember, you can camp out at mine as well.. xxxooo D McD

Amanda Mann said...

Hi D! Would love to come and steal your Marmite sometime. I have e-mailed you, not sure got right addr., am off Facebook, cancelled myself. Can you guess why?