Tuesday, November 13, 2007



Email in from agent, an acknowledgement to mine saying she's looking forward to seeing the completed novel in new year. A little thing you may think but so big in this fragile world of writing into the deal-less void.

I haven't gone back to work yet and my Tax Credit has stopped whilst it's readjusted to take into account my co-habitingness. So it's a bit scary. But I'm not at home, I'm a camping out in friends' kitchens person & not much I can do about that until daughter has mastered the bus/tube/bus trip. There's no internet connection on my computer at home anyway and I've a novel to finish. So part of me thinks I go all out until Christmas and keep writing and doing nothing else. But I don't want to lose the work contact altogether in case novel never sells. Also newspaper work is in backlog as I wait to get my computer connected. Have done some of that at weekend on partner's computer, but blargh and blah, well, yes, all of that.

Other main good news is lots of cheers, flagwavings and baskings in reflected glory as L from my writing group has a lovely interview in today's Guardian.

Bye bye, thanks for visiting, come again soon.


Anne Brooke said...

Oh, I envy you, Amanda!! My agent hasn't returned my emails in weeks - I've been reduced to leaving jolly message on his blog and still no response.

Deep, deep sigh!! I expect the "who are you and please don't bother me again" letter any day now! Dammit!



Anonymous said...

That's what happens isn't it, your imagination runs away with your and you think the worst. I trust and hope it's not & he's just mega-busy as agents always are. A

Ms. Moon said...

Well, my so-called agent hasn't been in touch for over a year. Bad sign, you think?
She went from sending me flowers on my birthday to...nothing.
But what can one do besides keep on writing? And oh yes, find another agent, although I'd rather write five more books than do that.

Amanda Mann said...

Oh yes, keep writing, that's the advice Maeve Binchey once gave, think it was her. Best advice she'd ever received, she said, no matter what's happening with the business side of things, good or bad, they're both distractions from the writing at the end of the day. Easier said than done, I know, just hope, as with Anne's that they're simply busy getting on with their work. And yeah, it'd be nice to have positive distractions for once. Good luck.