Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Rewrite: Week 2, day 3.

Chapters rewritten: 1

Am getting the hang of this camping out now. Don't want to stretch my welcome anywhere so am in a different caff today, Cafe Costa which has free internet and 2 plugs! My writing friend K's discovery, it's against the rush hour traffic so a good place to come first thing. There can be a bit of a scrabble for the plugs with the freelancers sometimes, but I seem to be the only laptopper in at the moment. Very noisy now but more with chatter than music which is writeable with. There are 2 men at next table having a business meeting, and 2 mums at the table behind.

Did you hear Russell Brand on Chris Moyles this morning? They were talking about writing their bookywooks & how it's like working into a void, with no feedback, no applause. Chris said it was like going home to grown-up homework every day.

Slowly getting into it. Chapter 1 has been rewritten and now on to Chapter 2 - the bit I've been dreading where the real swaparound business starts. Back to it.. eurrf...

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Mya said...

I envy your ability to write amid such activity. I'm such a nosey devil, I'm sure I'd be eavesdropping on all the conversations around me - and they'd no doubt end up in my writing.

Keep up the good work.

Mya x