Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Rewrite progress: Good. Week 4 Chapter 8

Am under the illusion of having cracked the difficult new chapter 2. Whether it'll be good enough when I return for the final readthrough is another matter. But there, it's gone, saved away in a brand new file called Completed Chapters. That way I won't be tempted to rewrite every time I settle down to work. Storming ahead now with Chapter 8.

Posts are few and far between because STILL not online at home. Have bought the wireless gizmo but haven't got it working yet. Has led to those unique computer-fed rages of frustration. Am back in good old Cafe Costa in Teddington this morning, with free wireless and plug thrown in. Starbucks is no good at all, loud music, £5 an hour, which they expect you to sign up for with a credit card. Am enjoying the laptop though. A writing friend strongly advised me to buy a separate mouse and not to use the finger-pad thingy. After only a few days I was getting RSI symptoms, not surprising really as rewriting involves so much scrolling around and cutting and pasting. So I bought myself a lovely mouse. All fine, except daughter unplugged it at home and lost it. Searched high, low, all over the flat (still covered in moving-in boxes and piles of unpacked, unsorted bits everywhere), went into the kitchen and there, on top of the rubbish bin, was a mouse. A real one with fur and all. I did the mouse shriek and family thought I'd found the computer-type mouse. It was sweet, a little brown Borrowers creature. We've now bought a sonic noise thingy which hopefully will keep it, them, away. Partner told the other residents in the house, nobody else has seen any. Wonder if Celebrity Author next door is getting them? Perhaps we should knock on her door and give her a neighbourly warning? Or put a note through her letterbox. Except the houses don't have such things, the security guard gets all the mail and delivers it himself.

Really, it's just as well I don't have internet, have been having a lovely time here catching up but it's not getting the writing done. Am looking forward sometime to reading through this revamped writing site, flagged up by the author of this lovely writing blog.

Bye bye, thanks for visiting, come again soon.

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