Thursday, December 20, 2007


Sorry for my prolonged absence. And thank you Pundy for the kind concern. Not, sadly, caused by intense bouts of novel writing to complete by the Christmas deadline. Just mundane computer and internet problems doubled, trebled till I got that computer-induced screaming, wailing in my head. Followed by acceptance, will never be online at home again etc etc. Laptop sent back to its maker, after endless helpline chats with John Lewis, Toshiba, Netgear, BT in India, exacerbated by - oh I won't go on. I'm writing this in Hounslow library,on an old keyboard that rattles every time I hit the space bar.

So, I've been writing by hand. After the initial shock, an interesting side-track. I went through the rest of the detailed new outline, seeing where additions were needed and, rather than trying to write write, made up some relevant dialogue for the slots. I've no idea if it's all going to fit in, or how far I've got now with the rewrite. I crashed down at around Chapter 8. There is definitely a feeling of getting towards the end, and have extended deadline to new year, which is when agent is expecting it. I came across a couple of new threads that weren't there in the beginning, style things, that I don't know if I'd have stumbled upon if I'd continued on the computer. They will make small changes to the beginning chapters, that should only hopefully become relevant when the end chapters are revealed. It was therefore the right decision not to send anything else out until I felt the whole book was complete.

Now I'm off to research Zen broadband, the network I've decided to sign up with. It seems to be the top choice in all the polls, slightly more expensive but - AK 'you have five minutes remaining,please save your work' ticker going right across this screen.

Bye bye,thanks for visiting, comea gain soon.


Anne Brooke said...

It's weird, isn't it? Sometimes I find writing by hand really helps take a novel to the next stage. I'm just starting it now with "The Bones of Summer", and in fact I wrote most of the last quarter of the novel currently with my agent ("The Gifting") by hand - but then again my MS is a scribe by trade, so it made sense!

Hope you're enjoying the change!



Mya said...

Merry Christmas. Hope you have a peaceful time and the book keeps evolving.

Mya x

Mya said...

Happy New Year too!

Mya x

Amanda Mann said...

Thanks Mya, Happy New Year to you, too, it must be beautiful there in the French mountains. Am looking forward to getting back online properly later this week. A