Tuesday, January 22, 2008



Have successfully managed to be out of wait mode recently but this morning, sitting in traffic jam on the A316, dropped right back into it. Ten days now, at least. Moments in agent-time but decades in waiting-author-time. I'm used to it and know all the default thoughts, it's pointless to speculate on either good or bad. This feeling never changes. It doesn't stop when you get an agent to take you on. It doesn't stop when you get a publisher to take you on. It doesn't stop when the book appears in the shops. It doesn't stop with book 2. Or book 3 or book 4. There are always going to be agonising waits be it for agent, editor, reviewer or reader. The reward has got to come from doing it no matter where you are in the food chain. To have the thing completed will be a great feeling in itself. And I know that if, for some reason, the response isn't good, I can go to a new agent. But I've found the agent I want and really hate all this having to think the worst.

Several more chapters have been added to the Novel Completed file and am on Chapter 21. With a little luck and some serious internet avoidance tactics (have you seen Property Snake?)I could be looking at the final chapters by the end of this week.

Daughter has mastered the bus/tube/bus combo and can now make her own way home. My days cruising the caffs and friends' kitchens are numbered. This is just as well as I will have to get back to work work soon. I'm writing this in the car (hotspot savvy laptopper that I am these days). I will continue taking daughter to school because I can't begin to imagine her getting herself together on her own and at least she gets breakfast in the car. The plan is to write here for an hour or so until the traffic back home into London has thinned out. Journey takes half an hour then instead of an hour. When the new novel starts it'll be 1,000 words in the driving seat (in my dreams speed-writing first draft in that half an hour slot) and then home for the rest of the day and work work - well that's the plan anyhow.

Bye bye, thanks for visiting, come again soon.

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Anne Brooke said...

Hope you hear soon, Amanda - hugs