Sunday, January 27, 2008



Bought some new trainers last weekend, went for a run in the park and ended up limping around for the rest of the week. After nags from a girlfriend about how bad it is for ancient people like me to run, esp on hard ground, I have gone back to walking. Thoreau used to walk for 4 hours a day, or saunter, as he preferred to call it, taking (famously exquisite) detailed notes on nature as he went. When I first heard that I took myself off on a 4-hour saunt to see what I could see. After 2 hours I found myself inside 1 London. Had driven past I don't know how many times without knowing it was there. It was virtually empty and a cheering little discovery. The day meant something and I still remember it more than 20 years later.

Living with a depressed person means I have no social life at the moment. I am going to try and get a few saunts in every week, 4 2 hour ones would be 8 hours walking a week. Flab needs fighting, can't be at computer 24/7 & I might make some discoveries I wouldn't if I was huffing and puffing around the park.

Yesterday daughter had friend staying so off I went on Saunt 1:

Plan: Walk to Harvey Nicks last day of sale, 90% off temptations.
Supplies: Moneybelt with Oyster card, Mastercard, two pound coins and a tissue.

Through back streets, outside Horrids in half an hour, onwards to Harvey Nicks. Shunning speedlift, climbed up to the Fifth Floor restaurant and food emporium via the stairs. Empty and isolated stairwell, wondered if anybody had ever been there before. Staggered into uber cool restaurant Father-Ted-like, red-faced and gasping for air. Sitting on stools at the bar, 2 ice-smart blonde women in white shirts and waistcoats having a chatty breakfast. Was going to make my way down the escalators slowly, seeing if anything with 90% off was of any interest. A non-Primark-like T-shirt perhaps for £20 instead of £200 or something. That the only ones left at this time would be bright orange with gold lettering etc was certain, but this was just a walk, it didn't matter, & a bit of stroking of non-sale Westwood, Miyake would cheer the soul (why is it non-sale stuff always looks so exquisite at this time of year?). But the escalators were all caged off, and the foodie bit too. Though the caff was open, the rest of the shop didn't open till noon. So back down I went, in the speed lift this time.

Took a no. 9 home & popped into lovely Luscious for a loaf of bread. Overheard a man ordering wheatgrass. My cousin was raving about this recently & I've looked for it but wasn't sure what I was looking for, like in a bottle? or grass in a bag? Or in a smoothie? Nothing about it on their blackboard. Could have asked, but it was more a back of mind thing. Anyhow, daughter (a Best of Both type at the best of times) raved about the oat bread & later in the day I took family back there for soup and wheatgrass shots. The shots comes in little cups, like a green espresso & taste of grasscuttings. An espresso-like buzz & very healthy-feeling.

Saunt No. 1 Results:

Wheatgrass shots
Oat Bread
Getting family out of house, I mean flat.

Bye bye, thanks for visiting, come again soon.

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