Tuesday, January 29, 2008



A day away from the rewrite yesterday to catch up with the journalism side.

Back to it today. Have reached the mushy middle. The bit I sneakily avoided last draft round when I decided it'd be a good idea to get the final chapters fine-tuned. I've also had to incorporate all those scenes I wrote by hand, so big chunks of dialogue have been clumsily dropped in and it's a right mess.

I did a scene summary in the newly-discovered Word Notebook Layout (great for novel notes - it's under View), then scribbled over that with the Word Scribble tool (not that I've been procrastinating or anything like that). Then I lowered the text font to save paper, tried for ages to find out how to get it into book page layout, gave up on that, printed out 40 pages and scribbled all over those. Now I'm back to cut and paste to my scribbled design. It will still read in the rubbish state but at least it'll be in order, or roughly in order. So much for my finish by the end of the week brags. A couple of weeks at least methinks. And why should agent be prioritising me when she knows it's not finished, when I told her it was a few weeks off yet. So at least I've stopped waiting on that one & am just going to get the thing done.

Bye bye, thanks for visiting, come again soon.


Mya said...

Just checking in to say bonjour. Glad to see you're still hard at it! Mushy middles aren't always bad you know....think of a chocolate covered caramel or tempura mushrooms. Gosh...I'm making myself hungry now - must go and dig out some grub. I envy you your London saunters you know, Harvey Nicks, Horrids, etc. Just goes to show, the grass is always greener.
Take care Amanda.

Mya x

Amanda Mann said...

Thanks, Mya, hard at it getting nowhere.