Tuesday, February 19, 2008



Every day since the phone call have been hard at it, summarising each chapter into 2 lines. I finished last night. The best I managed was 3 lines (chapter 1) the worst, 29 lines (chapter 33). They are very short lines, I haven't done the fiddling with the margins trick yet (like, when you're asked to write a 2 page synopsis and you get it down by having the sentences start and finish right at the very edge of the page, and you squash paragraphs together and all in all make it look horrible, dense and unreadable). But I don't think 29 lines are going to magically shrink into 2 somehow. I've tried to keep it to what happens, without embellishment, with as much conflict and emotion as possible. In 2 lines? It's like writing one of those 50 word short stories over and over.

Reaching the squashy middle bit wasn't a good moment, I ended up rewriting the main text at the same time as summarising, but reaching the end was a very good moment and I announced to the family that I'd finished the novel. It's now all on one document, there are a few chapters still that need some serious seeing-to, but it's all there. Sometimes as I was reading it I was thinking this is OK, this will be all right, but as soon as I finished I thought, no, it's not good enough etc etc. Now to spend a few hours trying to edit down the summary.

Bye bye, thanks for visiting, come again soon.

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Mya said...

It's murder trying to whittle things down to a couple of lines, isn't it? By the end of an editing sesh you've really got steam coming out of your ears.Aaaagghhhh!

I'm so pleased to hear the agent is responding positively - everything's crossed over here - and it's bloody painful!

Mya x