Monday, February 25, 2008



On latest saunt yesterday, stumbled across the 20/21 Art Fair. Having been to the supermarket, I wandered in bag-lady style with my Bag for Life containing cheese, wine, onion soup and Badoit, quite arty hnn? Good thing about art is it doesn't matter. Shabby and over-dressed all mix happily together. It was great. Overheard some funny conversations and it was amazing to be able to leaf through those Athena-like poster racks, where you expect the bargains, to see original Matisse sketches, I took one out to look at it. Signed a few visiting books to get on the mailing lists so that the post in future should become more fun and colourful. Saw some lovely things, Modigliani sketches (at £200,000 a piece) rubbing up against Bansky & was taken with Annie Ovenden. It wasn't crowded out like the now famous Frieze fair & there was a fantastic book sale, 100s of art books, everything £2. I bought a Rob Ryan cutout for peanuts and staggered out with an enormous Christie's catalogue of contemporary art, to show daughter (slobbing at home after late, late sleepover) what she'd been missing.

My favourite new discovery is Walkit , a Mappy-type route planner, except it's for walkers and it gives customised pollution-free routes through the backstreets of London. Went the other day to look at the new caff at the V&A, friend J had told me about except don't think it's that new any more. After wiggling through some beautiful streets, took a wrong turning and got lost, but got there in the end. It's very old, the caff, rooms are old I mean, William Morris & co., but buffet style snacks & food, good place to meet for lunch.

Bye bye, thanks for visiting, come again soon.


CTaylor said...

Ooh thanks so much for mentioning Rob Ryan. I'd never heard of him before but think I've just fallen in love with his work. Now I want a cut out of my own!

Amanda Mann said...

Oh brilliant! Isn't he great? The dealer is Rebecca Hossack at Charlotte Street,, maybe they have some of the £2 cut out cards left. Mine is a cutout of a man on a bench and it says 'And years from now I will return and see that wind adn rain have washed these words away. But they stayed in my heart to thisi day and I put them in this book that is for you.'